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Ben Meyer is a 2020 Solutions budtender and a lifelong Ephrata local. He started in cannabis on the production side, working on various farms in the early days of I-502. Then, in May, he took a position as a budtender at 2020 Solutions, where he gets to interact with his hometown community and help people every day.

What’s Ben’s favorite part of being a budtender?

“That’s an easy one,” he says. “Helping people. Guests come in and they’re unsure about what’s available, and what kind of cannabis is right for them. I can help and get them out the door with exactly what they need.”

The 2020 Solutions Ephrata store has a very “dynamic demographic,” as Ben puts it — everyone from curious senior citizens to seasoned consumers who know modern cannabis inside and out.

“I never push anything on anybody,” says Ben. He encourages people to do their own research and learn as much about cannabis as they can. This can lead to better conversations — and better questions for the budtenders.

When people read up on cannabis, they get inspired to explore new and better options. For anyone new to cannabis, Ben recommends Leafly as the gold-standard for educational and informative cannabis content.

What type of cannabis does Ben prefer?

“Flower. Prerolls — it’s my favorite way to consume,” he says. “And I’m big on mixing different strains in one joint for a combined effect.” What a concept! Ben’s take is that you can mix and match various strains, experimenting until you achieve the perfect high — for you!

What’s a day in Ben’s life?

He’s a family guy. He’s married and has two young children. “One’s in middle school, and one’s in elementary school, so it’s a lot of volleyball and after-school activities.”

But in his spare time, when he’s not hanging with the family, Ben loves to expand his cannabis knowledge. “I love the ritual. I love studying cultivation. I learn everything I can to be the best budtender I can be,” Ben says.

If you’re in the Columbia Basin and love cannabis (or maybe you’re just curious!) stop in at our Ephrata location and meet Ben. He and the entire staff are passionate about cannabis and devoted to helping you have the best experience possible — during and after your visit!

Want to know what’s available? Peruse our menu here!

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