Strain Review: Alyze by Exotikz

Exotikz, the brainchild brand of California rapper and cannabis mogul, Berner, just exploded onto the Washington cannabis scene. It seems like everyone has been trying to get their hands on these expertly curated strains, like White Fire 43, Wedding Cake, OZ Kush, and Alyze. We’re consistently hearing reviews like “This is the best weed I have ever smoked,” and “Exotikz is so top-shelf it needs its own shelf, that’s how top-shelf it is!”

So, I was excited and a little nervous to review one of their strains, Alyze (pronounced, “alizzay”), a sativa-dominant hybrid. Because I tend toward anxiety, I wondered if the sativa-ness of Alize might cause paranoia. But I’d heard such amazing things about Exotikz that I went for it. Besides, I needed to do some organizing and could use some inspiration!

The productFirst off, right through the mylar, the flower was visibly dense and packed with crystals.

I opened the package, and took a whiff of Alyze’s broad terpene profile. A powerful and complex aroma — floral, yet sharp; fruity and sweet.

On closer inspection, the flower had beautiful structure. It was dense and woven with red hairs. It was not overly sticky, but not dried out either. I cut up a nug with some scissors and rolled it into a small joint. I took a hit, and then took another to get a real taste of the sharply floral flavor.

As for the high, this strain is more complex than “energizing sativa vs. relaxing indica.” It really defies classification. I felt energized, but without the edge I sometimes get with sativas. I was a bit giddy and had to turn up the music, but at the same time I got deeply into my work and finally organized my work area. I was surprisingly focused and on track considering I was pretty high.

A note for light usersI took a modest dose — a couple of puffs from a small joint (my favorite way to smoke). This is a powerfully potent product. I could see how beginners or light users could become overwhelmed if they, say, took a few giant bong rips of this.

On the other hand, in small doses, Alyze could be a great strain for those new to cannabis. It would also be a good strain choice when experimenting with microdosing.

For all cannabis enthusiastsYou’ve got to try this. Stores are selling out of Exotikz for a reason. It’s that good. My personal advice when consuming Alyze: Don’t go into it with expectations about what cannabis should be — whether it’s a sativa, indica, or hybrid, or what its percentages are.

Don’t put this strain into a box. Instead, just set yourself up with something cannabis-friendly to do for a few hours, have some music ready, and let this strain do its thing!

Come in and see us for some Exotikz! This flower moves fast, so be sure to check in for strain availability. And check this out, you can go to our 2020 Solutions online menu and order from the comfort of your own home! We’ll have your order ready for you when you come in!

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